Writing and Haiku as Spiritual Practice

Tara Brach


So natalie on behalf of our community a really big heartfelt to thank you. I'm actually thrilled. My little hard is bitter. Pattering is likewise. I've known about tara forever. And i've heard she's a really good teacher which is so important to me and that. She's a fine meditation teacher and she doesn't skirt around psychology that she's deeply rooted in it so the combination is unbeatable married cited. Well it's fun this is we finally get to like intersect. And we've these lives. And so i wanted to start by saying that. You really have awakened whole generation of us to the power writing as a spiritual practice and speaking personally. It takes me a really really long time to complete a book and you really helped me understand that. Of course we have listen inwardly in order to really be coming from that present so i kind of wanted to start here. If that's okay with you rating as a meditation a spiritual practice and just to ask you just to share with us. What makes it a spiritual practice. Well you know we can all be stuck on the zolfo. Do you call him. Sophos in your christian whatever. We can't just be stuck on them all the time so i used rioting as a way to translate the dorm but you couldn't use painting or running or grocery shopping but okay. I'll come back to writing.

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