IRS Warns of Child Tax Credit Scams


You're eligible for the federal child tax credit, some scammers maybe try to cheat you out of your money. We told you a little bit about that story a moment ago, and here's more from ABC is Rebecca Jarvis, a text message with a link to apply for the child tax credit an email asking to click and claim your economic stimulus payment. These are fake. According to the IRS. Cybercriminals, actively trying to scam entitled Families Out of this money were seen scammers trying to take advantage of the American public by attempting to gain information using Phone calls EMAILS cats messages through social Media, the better Business Bureau, also with an alert child tax credits are coming, and so are the scammers and cybersecurity firm Domain tools reporting it's found nearly 50 sites pretending to be part of the government's American rescue plan, which includes the child tax credit. If you were searching for, you know American relief plan, you may come across one of these sites domain tools, saying while many of the sites have since been taken down. These are still active, all with a similar design and all not ending in dot gov. A major red flag. These sites still safe enough the identity information the sites asking for your social security number and driver's license or state ID number to apply, They'll be able to steal someone's refund. Checked and also, you know, log into, uh Any sort of bank account information. GM a tried contacting the sites for each either no response. Or we couldn't get through to reach a person, the IRS stating it does not contact taxpayers via email, text message or social media platforms to request personal or financial information for verification or any information related to the child tax credit.

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