Hillary Barsky, Wind Bet Traffic And Weather Center And Coast Guard discussed on The Paul W. Smith Show


June's total under the unemployment rate fell to 5.7%. 5.9% boxes. Hillary Barsky and the Coast Guard says six people were killed in a sightseeing plane crash in Alaska. America's listening to Fox News, WJR traffic and weather first from the wind bet traffic and Weather Center download the wind bed APP today on the Apple Store, or Google play Win with wind Bet This report is sponsored by Compassion International for Kids in Poverty Around the world, Things are still desperate, joint compassionate. National with your one time $40 gift to provide a covid relief kit to a family in poverty. Text the word Give 283393 That's give 283393 W. J. R S traffic 1st 75 South bound in West Road, There's right there. 96 local lanes of the Jeffries Freeway headed westbound at Evergreen at left lane blocked by erect Delays of 30 minutes on the ambassador Bridge going into Windsor and up in the port here on area on the blue water Bridge. Delay of 15 minutes for cars. 30 minutes for trucks going from Michigan into Ontario. W Jr's traffic first sponsored bike Clarkston window endure over 31 years in business over 450 combined years of experience installing windows Trust the specialist in Clarkston

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