A highlight from GSMC Soccer Podcast Episode 239: PREMIER LEAGUE GAMES RESUME


Soccer. Both gusts brought to you by the mc book gusts were. I am your host economica today like in every other guys we are going to talk about soaker. The most recent games that have been going on in the soccer world because this season has finally started which each really excited for some people especially me. I will say i. I was so Sad when all determinants happened on the olympics and everything. Wisconsin done This summer has definitely been really interesting. For the soccer world be goes. We had the european gentlemen and then we'll have to cope america on those don't happen often. They happen every four years for Those people that don't know that so it was really exciting to finally have the tournament bags even if they were supposed to happen last year. In two thousand twenty. But do it due to cobb it day. Obviously the happen and they were postponed to this summer with Even if it was called the european twenty twenty twenty one but next summer we are going to have the workup. Hopefully if i'm not mistaken on i cannot wait. Let me tell you this. I am so excited to see because the european tournament it's cool but it's only teams in europe so you don't really get to play other teams in the olympics nod. Every team brings the best players so it's not the same us in the worker because they work up was a huge deal for Many many it's a huge deal for everyone in the soccer teams. They prefer to play in the In the work of the european german or in the olympics they use They them you know they wanna win. A journeyman again. Debased of the best on recently. Or not i guess not recently but like for me The teams to watch out for the european tournament is my own personal opinion. So you can agree or disagree with me. I will say they are brazil. Deliver shirks easily won the european tournament last december. So they are definitely want to be on dane. England played a mason in the european german. I haven't seen them played in years so he was really exciting to see them kind of like back again. Indeed tournament You know being again. I'm competitive team that we all know the because if you guys have listen other podcasts. We said that soaker gun of even if it did not start in england they were the ones that develop the sport more and created the rules and the tournaments and then they end up joining the league on all of these things but so it was. it was real excited to see england. being competitive again on being at the level that pretty much everyone knows they can be added on for some reason. They have not been in the past years which is really weird. I don't really remember. I don't think england has ever won a european tournament. An do not not if they've won a world cup but if they have it's been years seems they wanted i honestly i don't remember eating my or the years life span. I don't remember england. We mean i tournament which it was so it was really sad that they end up losing in the european tournament against easily especially because they were playing home on. Obviously you do not want up lost when your home but it happened on. They end up going to penalties which it was the craziest thing. Ever 'cause i doubt definitely the first tournament. They have ever seen the final going to penalties. So it will definitely super stressful for the players coaches and especially the audience for both teams but for me that i honestly did not have a favorite. Because it's really out of the tournament. I like penalties. i really been at. These of team is not playing obviously So i think it was really cool on the special that does happen in this crazy freaking years that we all more than one year now that we're experience and it was really cool. Scene the audience back in the stadiums because as many of you probably know arias was not allowed in other games especially in the copa america. Because it still really bad in those countries so they decided that he was not safe for the audience to go see their teams which is really sad because like when you win attorney like you score a goal of nazi germany. You wanna celebrate. We hear people you went to go turn around look at the audience and celebrate and scream jail and feel dot love. I guess you could say from the audience but obviously this year. It was definitely not happening. And i'm actually really hard. I'm i'm i. I do feel like he had to happen like he was just something that it's better to for everyone safe safeness onto not have audience on the right decision to make even if feet will hurt some people especially soccer fans. I think it was really Degrade aggregate goal and You know it's definitely going to be a tournament are not many people are gonna forget Specially the players so Kobe hus- made these soaker will diff'rent i will say If i could use our world to describe these more than a year us inscribed start. It's definitely been we're or different not having audience It's brawley shocking for the players. Because you're not used to hear them so you're not used to hear them. They could either talking to their teammates or they could be talking to their opponent day rivals or they coaches. But you're not. We're not used to hear the conversation. So i think that was a really. I won't say goofing to experience. Not many people could say. Oh yeah. I hear everything. Those soccer players said on the feel like we nominee people who say that before congress which we have to like think maybe a little bit the positive i think it's hard Deposited related to cover it. But i will say that these tiny moments of conversations between teammates a return rivals definitely so another side of the players. Maybe doug we have never experienced when they cheer for their teammates win the score the goal. And you hear all this elaborations. It's really excited on google. So i think that was a cool thing that cobra to soccer wall. A horrible thing that the road now audience obviously Really weird really uncommon on something. That i believe that.

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