Why Topps Got Toppled Plus the $6.6mil Record-Setter

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So dan. You're our guy on the sports memorabilia. Beat which is a beat that has mushroomed in last. It feels like year or two now. Every time i look at feels like there are insane headlines that i don't fully understand. Has it felt that way to you recently. Yeah i'll be. I'll be honest like covering this a wake up some mornings and it's like oh i guess that's happened. That's the real thing that exists. Dan hey ducky is a reporter for espn and a trading card collector since childhood. I don't know if you remember this. Seminal classic vegas vacation of chevy chase tries to plug the hoover dam up with a piece of gum and everything goes haywire. And it's a little bit like that. Yeah it feels like the floodgates have opened the damn has broken and tops is sort of the entity. I wanna start with here at the top because they are under water right now dan in some sense that is seemingly pretty existential for them. I mean this is a legendary company in the world of sports. Cards and a newcomer to the industry has essentially taken their lunch. What was the big announcement there. It was really surprising. Tops is getting muscled out by genetics. Absolutely crazy news fanatics agreed to an exclusive deal with major league baseball in the major league players association tops for the first time in over seventy years will not produce major league baseball cards. This is a really really big deal. I don't think anybody saw happening. Or coming tops. Is you know for some just as synonymous with baseball as you know apple pie and all that good stuff. Yeah are very upset. That's ops is being pushed out

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