A highlight from 10 Trivia Questions on Kangaroo Words

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And welcome to another episode of the trivia. Out with buds podcast. I'm your host ryan buds. Thanks for checking out the show. And thanks for following me on social media at ryan buds on just about everything. Today's episode is all about kangaroo. Words i'll explain more about that when we get to the actual questions but i wanted to read you a quick review from yelp. That's right. I am on yelp for trivia with buds live and virtual events hundred eight reviews five star average on their. Here's one from my friend. Cr and this was in. Sherman oaks california. Five star says tribute. Buds is a blast. We recently had ryan for a birthday party of about twenty people and he did a great job catering to questions to my birthday. Boys interests spoiler alert ryan's great with nerdy pop culture. Everyone at the party had a blast. And hello how can you not love winning prizes. Like roadhouse collectible pins super professional and easy to work with. Can't recommend enough higher ryan buds. Thank you cr in. Sherman oaks california. And thank you guys for listening to this. Podcast if you like. What do you got something coming up. Maybe a work thing for your office. Maybe you have a holiday party. That's already on the books for december or november and it has to be virtual instead of physical because of the ways of the world. Reach out to me. Ryan buds gmail.com or go to my website. Trivia with buds dot com. Let me know what you've got going on. Maybe you have a spouse with birthday coming up like that. Last review from cr that i read i would love to host that for you. We can customize everything and it's a ton of fun for everybody shoot me an email me up on the contact form on my website and we'll make it happen all right. We're going to jump into ten questions on kangaroo words right now here we go all right. Kangaroo words these are all words that have another word inside of them. That is a synonym to that word. I hope that makes sense. I hope you are able to figure these out here comes number one we have the word astound number one astound what is a word within the word astound that also means astound number. One

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