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It matters where you get your news WBZ NewsRadio 75 degrees in Boston at nine o'clock. Good evening. I'm done, huh? Here's what's happening, but some communities in the state being impacted by a school bus driver shortage. Governor Charlie Baker is activating up to 250 members of the National Guard to drive school vans and Chelsea, Lawrence, Lowell and Lynn to get the kids to school. We'll try to serve as many communities as we can, because obviously the goal here Is to try to make sure if we have vehicles. We put people in who are qualified to drive them and do what we can to make sure kids can get to school governor adding Boston indicated it was all set with its school bus drivers situation for now, but It's on the table in case the drivers. The other drivers are needed down the road tomorrow. Boston holds its preliminary mayoral election. Five candidates on the ballot. The top two finishers moving on to the November election. Polls open in Boston at seven a.m.. They'll close at eight p.m.. Acting City Council president Madam Alley says the eventual winner will be sworn in soon after the November result is certified the way the city charter is written. It's very, very clear. After the election in November. Upon certification of the winner, the new mayor would be sworn in. Normally, the mayor would be sworn in in January. The recall election of Governor Gavin Newsom of California's bringing President Biden to the Golden State for some last minute campaigning. Here's CBS Major Garrett President Biden on the West Coast swing tonight talking wildfires and recall politics, hoping to give California Governor Gavin Newsom a boost before tomorrow's vote. Thank God you've got a governor understands there is a cobra crisis. Newsome

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