Guinea: Back Under Military Rule


The coup d'etat. As an instrument of statecraft seems a throwback to an earlier era of african politics of breathless reports of tanks parked by mutinous crews on presidential loans of instructions to remain calm broadcast on state media by stern looking. Gentlemen in cocky and gold braid of overthrown leaders either bolting for exile with as much of the national treasury as would fit into their portman toes or confined to a mildewed sell glumly awaiting the firing squad. The coup d'etat. seems quaint. Old school something to be soundtrack by the pathway news theme the coup d'etat never really went away. However within the last decade africa has seen coups or attempted coups in guinea-bissau benin the central african republic. Comoros chad egypt. Libya lsu gambia. Burundi burkina-fasso mali. Zimbabwe equatorial guinea gabon sudan nesia apologies to anyone. We've missed out. And now guinea. On sunday president alpha conde was removed from office by the military. He believed he commanded. The ringleader is one colonel. Among de dum boya of whom more shortly colonel doom boyer announced the dissolution of denise constitution imposed a curfew and closed the borders. He also stood down all of guineas regional governors and replace them with military officers. Guinea appears now to be effectively under martial law. The constant politicization of the public administration poverty and endemic corruption has led gainers republican army through the national committee for rally and development to take responsibility towards the people of vending. It is something perhaps and hopefully that doom boy has promised to release political prisoners. Jonkers such as the one he now leads a usually likely to add to their numbers

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