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So you may be getting some light background music and joined by isabel hartman. And jane's for cy. Now we've just heard from that. Boris johnson is fast premises questions of the ham and is about at the weekend. I think one has has guess we're headed to situation. You've been angry. Pm keys given the fact that there are many briefings of the unease over his social cap. Then what did we get instead army. I should say that it was the first. Pm q.'s. Back without caveat restrictions in the house of commons which made a big difference as well so there was there was an atmosphere that and had that been a lot of fallout from the social care reform proposal then it would have been quite a thick atmosphere whereas she was a reasonably upbeat atmosphere. A tribal atmosphere say from the conservative to see hands them cheering on boris johnson. As he was he was answering kissed almost questions he had them at. The end charging more once kissed had finished his exchanges with boris johnson. And they were in largely supportive mood of the prime minister. Which i think is still a surprise even given as you both discussed on. Yesterday's forecast given the supportive or or not critical tone of the commons. Yesterday was still surprising. I think that the back benches were sounding quite so pro donaldson The softening and james healthcare psalmody. He seemed to have several attack lines rather than just makes him one. It came to what the government's proposing accused almost naturally cautious politician. I building this. Caution is leaving the field cliff. Boris johnson. Sasha here's detail point which is the manifesto commitment from the tourism social. Is that no one. We'll have to sell the house. Pay social and the osbournes. If you could repeat that bushels indulge that. Because i mean the proposal being there are some cases where that could still happen but bush on such an easy out because he can just come back and say well. What is your plan. You don't have a plan. We've got a plan you you all in favor of the money gained vhs. But you wouldn't say where you'll find it. And i actually think that if kissed almost bit bolder and said look we're going to pay this tax on assets. He'd have a dividing line. Which will be more difficult than you say. You want to the work as protect the wealthy. Will you want a task. The wealthy to protect everyone. And i think this caution from cast alma is not wanting to take a position in case it gets attacks and case the government. Unpick it before the next election. I think he's really holding back here in it. I'll allowing abortion. Say i've got a plan. You've got no plan and i mean that is maki easy for some. I think also on to israel's point. I mean that's my tour. Emp's all getting behind. Boris johnson because they can sense that kissed arms on the back foot here. But they're going on the front. There is making the weather now. He might not be making the weather that they necessarily like but that but that partnership kicks in and they can see the pointy political advantage in. How uncomfortable kissed almost seems on this topic. It's worst bet labor. Mp's they getting behind their leader. I think there was a really awkward section in pm key. Stay where. I was able to point out that liz kendall shudder care minister that actually supported a health and social care levy which she described as being the new beverage and for johnson was able to to mock kissed on quite effectively For that actually and it was. It was a very very good capacity. Some of the questions that case dhamma have been asking about this national insurance increase and it is difficult and the little conversations i'd had with labor impedes in the run-up this now so was they deceived. The party would find it very hard to vote against reform to social care. I particularly given they've been calling for so long for cross party talks for for the first proposal to turn up for them basically say no does make them look a little bit as though that just opposing for the sake of sort of jumping on any bandwagon a tool and as we've discussed already on this podcast that a national insurance increase does seem to have a public support as well so i think there is some anxiety amongst labor. Mp's that this isn't necessarily going to work out as circe dolma seems to think it is a whether actually he moved a little bit too soon in response to the angry week hadn't noises being made by conservative. Mp's about this Rather than waiting to see what. The political weather on. Tuesday and james has that vote the king at the recruiting at early afternoon and to the whips. Expect so seven. Pm on anyone thinks that the government's majority is in any danger. I mean as speculation about how big the majority the vote might be against it. But i think it seems more lightly turbie the on the lower side from the higher sign. I mean you. Could you could tell that as well in. pm cues you. This didn't feel tour. Events ventures are about to deliver trouble for the government and it wasn't when they were never noticed who question. Those massive craig mckinney attack on the whole net zero agenda i. It doesn't seem this is is the issue on which that they are going to rebel as i also locked off private grumbling from tory. Mp's but they all watching and they'll watching the the media reaction and the public reaction and then not quite an and that's been sufficiently positive but they haven't done that one of the most telling things is since the actual announcement was made yesterday how few to mp's have gone on the record to oppose it. And how many of those who went on the record the end towards kind of last week or over the weekend to express concerns are now saying that their concerns have been addressed by this or tweak to the to the plan. yeah. I speak team. Marcus fish whose wanted to consecutive. Mp's who will saying very clearly that he was against the policy as being set out and i spoke to him earlier today and he said that he will be abstaining evening because he can't support the policy as set out at the moment that he and others to work constructively with the government to try to change it and they've been given indications facing by ministers sits. There could be some changes the way as well. So there's definitely been a sort of a softening not just from from the rebels but will say ministers. i think it's also worth remembering. The timing fistfights is quite important. To 'em piece have been bounced into it. there is not a discrete coherent. Social care rebels group It's not a ginger group for people. In fact many of the There i'd say probably some disparate groups of empty different sorts of objections to different aspects of this plan which means whipping operation going on For the rebels really and Mp's new they want a three line whip which is not at all unusual on wednesday but they didn't know they were going to be on social care this week out the weekend when they were making that plan so they haven't really had a chance to organize exactly why this vote is being held where it is fat. Say sweet barashi. Seeing boris johnson as lead is very powerfully tenses policy. He's managed to we expect shortly. Put for your plan. That ideologically many of his. Mp's don't like but yet they're making the calculation that they can't change it and t the pain little faith in the leader that perhaps they know better two things. I mean one the framing of the weekend. This was very much being framed as money for social the emphasis on the nhs backlog has made the political sense to mobile also who is not going to instinctive tax rates. It makes it look. You can't get round the facts but going into next election. The nineteen chess. Waiting mr ten million or more would be a bigger political problem first oris but having broken manifesto commitment on tax. So i think not emphasis on the nhs backlog has sold. What's on it because i am. These are already beginning to get post bags from people. Saying i haven't been able to get an appointment for ages or i've had an appointment. I'm now not being told that. I can't come back for a long time so i that's how fact

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