A highlight from The Day Ed Sheeran Stopped By


There's scotty beat master control hi producer. Sand over there straight. Nee that be surrey. Today's i got married two years ago today. We may renew our vows today. He may be yes it is. Hey diamond diamond stocking not connected a diamond button. Dorfman what does it take. Come mike and my god. I have a question for diamond when i walked in. She said you. Better start to show with fat joe in a shanty today or get mad. Why do you wanna start the show with fat joe in ashanti today. Oh versus twist to this story. What she's gone. So how'd you figure that out invited. My cousin decided to surprise me for my birthday. And i'm like wow you love me for you it should. It should be about trust. Every can't thank you for giving those words. In fact joe thanks for stopping by it. Just going by joe. Now that he's skinny we decide now. He's so fast like raise the bar so people expect you to come in look in one way and then use the price with them. Have jobs not laurie. How are you. i'm great. How are you are sitting here debating. Joe laurie tell me all about you. What are you doing today. i'm heading into work. i'm supposed to be. I was supposed to be in the building like two minutes ago. But i'm sitting in the parking lot so i can talk to you guys. I'm glad that we're excuse. Well good lori. I'm glad you're spending time with us. so my gosh. I can't believe. I'm i'm the first caller you are going to be honest. I saw an avalanche of calls coming in so for some reason. Diamond chose you. She loves you special. You're the one raising thank you. What exactly so amazing. I mean look. I'm glad you're here just to talk to you guys. See i've been trying for fifteen years to be the first college and look at that. You got through now. You're buttering my but it's all good You're fabulous laurie. I hope you have a great day today and you know what the first caller is so important to us because you set the pace. What's going to happen on my gosh so give a shoutout to edge here and should be here in a couple of hours. He's performing for us. He doesn't know that yet. Surprising with emceeing laurie. I call today. We're sending you some elvis. Duran morning show scrubs from hackensack meridian. I'll be of the best ever. Thanks for spending your moments with us. Thank you guys so much. This is amazing. You're amazing day is very committed. one can nate. How nice like more. I'm sweetest cow pie. Hi it's not anyway. We'll welcome today. it is my. It was two years ago. We had the biggest party in santa fe de mexico. Fun that was crazy. Let's not do that again. I can't wait to wear my dress when i dress up day. The dead for halloween at some point. I'm not perfect. I kept it because that type address on mike. I'm gonna use this again. I'm gonna find a way. I don't think i'm ever going to squeeze into what i worked my wedding. I remember that morning. I woke up and someone said you know you your way too thin. You don't look healthy. And i was like compliments will get you everywhere gaunt. Thank you get into the three things. We need to know to get the day going. The gay needs to go to What's going on california's governor. Newsome says today is the data show the nation that the opposing party will not drag the state backward. He tweeted that as millions are about to decide if he should stay in office or go. He teamed up with president biden last night for a final rally ahead of today's recall election. If voters choose yes they can pick from a list of forty six candidates to replace him several polls show newsom is likely to win as the delta variant continues to tear through the nation new polls. Show that three and five people agree with president biden's covert vaccine mandate and about fifty eight percent support companies. With at least one hundred workers requiring vaccinations or weekly testing breaking it down by party. Eighty percent of democrats and thirty three percent of republicans are in favor. The poll also found sixty two percent support mandates for teachers and other school staff and finally we know today is a big day. For froggy apple is expected to unveil its new line of iphone today and supposedly the biggest change will be to the screen which will have what is known as a higher refresh rate. That's supposed to make videos and motion look a little bit smoother. The camera will also be improved. The new apple watch. We'll have larger displays that can show more pixels. And don't forget if you already have an iphone. The company is telling users to update update their devices really quickly because there was a spyware flaw up on your phone. You don't fix it. Update your device. Because it's not gonna work anymore because we're now thinking new phone for you have new New iphones out. Today announced today that means minded limping across the finish line and then we have to order another one because they blow them push the button and blow them up. Whatever you think. New phones new watches. And we're also getting air pods three today as i okay.

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