Here's What You Can Do With Your Old Smartphone

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Welcome back to talking tech co host. Mike snyder is off today. So as you were aware because of course you listen. Everyday to this podcast. And you've heard me talk about this on several episodes. There's an apple event coming up. Although apple hasn't formally confirmed what they'll showcase on. Tuesday all signs are pointing to the next iphone of course whenever you're in the market for a new device whether it's the upcoming iphone thirteen or an older model smartphone. There's always the question of what to do with your old device if you don't play in a trade it in and you want to keep it. There are several things you can do as tech columnist. Jennifer jolly explains in her new. Pc you can read on tech dot usa today dot com so she breaks down eight different ways. You can use your old phone. We're going to focus on three here. The first is as a mobile hotspot. So basically what you can do is go through a mobile virtual network operator which is basically a carrier. That doesn't have its own wireless network. So for example mint mobile cricket wireless red pocket or some examples many of those services according to jennifer offer less expensive annual plants. And what she can do is sign up for those plans and you can turn your phone into a mobile hotspot. So if you ever need wi fi or any kind of internet access anywhere you can bring that older phone with you and use that to get online another purpose that you can put your smartphone toward is as a home security camera or home. Baby monitor It's it's a very affordable way. Some of those monitors cameras could be a little pricy. And but you can take your old smartphone and you can basically use that as your own monitor a one app the jennifer recommends as alfred home security camera of the premium version of that costs about thirty dollars a year. But she can watch everything that's going on. It's got to talk and he can also use it at night as well so Definitely a multipurpose tool there. One other Way you can use your old phone is as a universal remote so you can

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