Democrats try delicate tax maneuvers for $3.5 trillion bill


Hi Mike Rossi a reporting Democrats tried delicate tax maneuvers to fund their three point five trillion dollar national rebuilding bill house Democrats started work Tuesday on funding president Joe Biden's three point five trillion dollar rebuilding plan but they have little margin for missteps Biden has said revenue to pay for the package must come only from Americans who earn more than four hundred thousand dollars a year to do that Democrats are proposing raising the top tax rate back to thirty nine point six percent on individuals earning more than four hundred thousand dollars and couples earning four hundred fifty thousand dollars the corporate tax rate would rise from twenty one percent to twenty six point five percent on companies with annual income over five million dollars but passage in the fifty fifty Senate is uncertain with Democrat Joe Manchin saying the package needs to be cut to between one trillion dollars and one point five trillion dollars to get his support might cross yet Washington

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