13 Miami-Area School Staffers Die of COVID-19 Since Start of Academic Year

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Stunning headline from miami. Dade public schools the fourth largest district in the country at least thirteen. Staffers have died from cova. Nineteen since august sixteenth. Not most before. School started two weeks ago but eyebrows are raising. The district is defying governor onto census ban on mask mandates. They do require masks but not vaccinations and the district says. None of the staffers who died were vaccinated. Alberto kavala is superintendent of miami. Dade county public schools superintendent Thirteen dead sad but scary a big number. Who were they. It is a big number it as bruising statistic that we need to absolutely internalize these are teachers for them. Were teachers The vast majority of them are bus drivers. There are some additional support personnel. And i think the sad statistic Underscores the impact of misinformation and diz information efforts at through some vocal entities. Who quite frankly profess anything. But scientific reality and the outcome. The consequence is the death of individuals. And that's just unacceptable teachers According to your local station there w lillian smith. An elementary school. Teacher never got to see her students on the first day of school. I mean i. I wanna so many things but let's start with so you are just appalled. This disinformation that. Maybe he's keeping from people from getting vaccinations but why not have vaccine mandate so that is a very good question In the state of floor that we are basically not allowed on the basis of statutes from mandating. Vaccinations pacific dacoven nineteen. That is the reality currently in florida. We don't even have the right to as an employer survey Our workforce Regarding whether or not they have been vaccinated so we defaulted to the next best thing at providing a two hundred seventy five dollars stipend to those who have been vaccinated

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