Joe Biden, California And Newsome discussed on Hacks on Tap with David Axelrod and Mike Murphy


Joe biden passes these and we'll talk about the second these big bills that will be to his credit at you know if the economy improves if if he gets a handle on the virus all those things may redound to his credit but this is not gonna be if democrats democrats are going to resist all of this pressure against them. They can't make this election about joe biden. They can't make it about joe biden. they have to. They have to do what they didn't california. And they have this scare. The shit out of democratic voters about one could happen. And i'll tell you something it's not just about trump or about the virus. Although vest this has become a big theme of we'll see where it isn't twenty twenty two but it's about the texas abortion law in voting rights and trusting and truth itself. I mean yeah. I mean i think that was the big message. Joe biden delivered out in california. Like this is like there's a lot going on here and you heard a newsome's quote the they people have. They have to inculcate democrats with that sense of of of fear about About you know what what's going on on on the other side. Well part of it was. You know we had you know. There's always great pre buttle messages about the outcome of the race you know but but the pre butter we got in on the republican side in the recall was fraud right and and i think the democrats are gonna. I hope put this. In front of republicans republican elected officials people running for office so that people in the suburbs and everywhere else can hear this. A close election doesn't mean fraud right. And i think larry elder was probably had that gun loaded last night. I'm going to go out and talk about fraud and then kind of hard to argue fraud when you're down like four million votes. That's a. that's more than a few trucks full of fraudulent votes coming in from nevada. You know why they have to argue fraud because donald trump demands exactly. He's doing it. He did it on this on. This race led the way in a couple of statements. He he cannot let go of this theme because if if his theme is that by definition mail in ballots lead fraud And you know. Eighty percent of the ballots in this race were mail in ballots sustains his big line narrative and you have to pledge fealty to him by accepting that narrative you saw in the cnn. Poll this week where you know. Fifty nine percent of republicans sort of embraced this as as part of their understanding of what it means to be republicans saying the election was was fraudulent yet. Another thing that is gonna is gonna just bedevil people like mitch. Mcconnell is how many races you gonna win. If three days beforehand you come out with a statement says when we lose it will because the other guy's cheated i cannot think of a better get out the vote operation for democrats than having the leader of the republican party. Say hey don't bother voting exactly a steal it anyway. It's what georgia. Yeah well and i'll tell you something else if you keep telling republicans at mail in ballots or fraudulent Then you're just discouraging them from using a tool that frankly republicans used to be pretty good at using So the whole thing is i mean

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