A Working Prototype of Apple's AirPower Is out in the Wild

Lew Later


Here's a closer look. At apple's cancelled airpower. Wireless charger a working. Airpower prototype has emerged. Ooh what a slick little find. Obviously apple probably does not want this thing on ebay wherever the heck it happened to be posted they like to keep that stuff close even those prototypes every so often. You'll see like an iphone prototype papa from a previous generation which was some sort of a developer version or model with early software on it. Ucs stuff happened will. yeah now. This product was cool about is never materialized into a final form. It was one of the rare rumored apple products that Got cancelled right What i mean right. Now as far as wireless chargers go. Just just just a refresh my memory here. You have the mag safe little puck and you have that folding floppy thing as well but you never got a real airpower yet. no where. It's like a charging matt for all three. But you've course nice. You have some third party stuff which aims to do something similar but either way now you have a relic now. You have a a little museum item over here and it also has gotten torn down by giulio some petty a twenty eight year old from italy. He says he's been able to purchase a prototype. Air power unit from chinese e-waste sources. The unit lacks all of its exterior housing and shows this beautiful in heavy. Stainless steel chassis says some petty. It does look very apple ish and it goes to show that they came close to it. I mean this is obviously not the final design. But it's it's figured out. Yeah so since that. it's a physical

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