The Life of Bridget 'Biddy' Mason


Mason was born on august fifteenth eighteen eighteen somewhere near hancock county georgia because biddy was born into slavery. The circumstances of her childhood are mostly unknown. But we know. She was sold to a family of enslavers mississippi by young adulthood. These new enslavers were robert. And rebecca smith farmers who made bitty look after their children tend to their livestock work the fields and act as a nurse and midwife for the family during this time he gave birth to three daughters of her own ellen and harriet. When robert smith converted to the new mormon faith he decided to pack up his family and moved to salt lake city with a group of other mormons. Of course biddy and the rest of the people. Robert enslaved were forced to come to in eighteen forty seven. The group traveled over fifteen hundred miles in three hundred wagon caravan across multiple states to get to utah bitty set up camp for the smiths cooked all. The food heard the cattle and acted as midwife all while taking care of her own three daughters though utah was still part of mexico at the time the smith family settled into. What would later become salt lake city. But soon robert smith decided he wanted to seek greener pastures again. This time in san bernardino california biddy. The smith family and the rest of their enslaved workers settled down near the santa ana river and set up a prosperous cattle business. There was just one problem for robert smith. Slavery was illegal in california. Robert tried to conceal this fact from the people. He had enslaved but the american civil war was brewing back. East and slavery was the major topic of the day. It was looking more and more likely that bitty would end up free at. The smith stayed in san bernardino so instead of allowing that to happen. Robert plotted to move the whole family to texas and to trick biddy into coming along

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