A Chat with Former La Cosa Nostra Mobster, Bobby Luisi

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Bob as you know. We've talked a little bit. That i was in law enforcement and i worked to mob in kansas city. We had our own coast. Knows your family. The savelli family next valley had been the boss since god says before fifty seven he was at the app alaskan meeting in one thousand nine hundred fifty seven with a real old timer who brought him there to introducing so we were kinda subservient to chicago. And you're on the other side during those days. Especially when i was working this in the seventies and early eighties so all the way up to really to the start of the nineties so i find it fascinating talk with you guys but i tell me a little bit about your time with the boston family. How did you first get involved with that. While i grew up in the north enemies foshan and then that lately in boston. That was headquarters for the mob. Debbie the koneohe on that was made guy. Scott does bosses whatever it was always around us and influenced us at the age of eleven. I went to work for the gangsters. They have vending machine number roll. Bending and i was eleven years old as the wife the school and go out with the guys and load the cigarette machines. Embalming she's of money and savage. We used to go out and while the machines and was eleven twelve years old. It was a fifty dollars a week and everything was great. And you don't even realize. I'm only a kid. I mean the jewel family really owned the company never was around them. Jerry was the boss boss brain on the raymond patriarca. But i was around all the rest of the wise guys so my father in an early you know i guess as early twenties. Hope up with these old. My father was always involved with them and i up around him rubber wrong koppel's and may guys and they're great guys and i think maybe the age of sixteen seventeen. The other side of my family were all out of this. I really enjoyed that. So i kinda sway away from that. And i wanted to go into the construction business and i did that for awhile up on my thirties but i still had a little evolving on the street knowledge. Yeah so now. I was building homes on. Martha's vineyard very popular place. Everybody knows about a mother's venue. Yeah in the late eighties. The market crash and i lost my house on the second houses down for o.'hare developing and i lost everything. I lost my gondola house in boston. I lost everything from positive. So i came back with two kids and no money. That's i hit the streets early nine thousand nine hundred ninety nine thousand nine hundred after the

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