Voice From My Past (MM #3798)


The Maison with Kevin Nation, they say that voices from your past can haunt. You had a voice from my past come back but it wasn't haunting. The other day. I was walking through the internet looking at an international website. That tells you all the albums that were released in Europe. And one of the album's was something I saw. And I know that's interesting. It was a live album from The Judds recorded in nineteen, eighty-five. It was a live radio broadcast. I thought to myself, I went to MC The Judds concert back in. Nineteen eighty-five in Norfolk, Virginia, when I was just a baby DJ, and I wonder if it was my concert. I think it's my concert. I wonder if I'm on there. I wonder if you can hear the MCB Club member the radio broadcast. It was broadcast live on country stations, Across America. Lo and behold, I find a clip of the first song called, one way rider on YouTube and well, the voice didn't sound quite familiar, but it was a twenty-three-year-old. Kevin has a baby DJ live on stage in throwing The Judds. The excitement. I felt realizing that something I did so many years ago that I'd totally forgotten had come back, isn't it? Funny how voices can haunt you? But not be haunting dead.

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