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Federal agencies on alert over a new abortion law in Texas. I'm Rich Dennison. Fox NEWS. The Justice Department says it won't tolerate threats of violence against women seeking an abortion in Texas Attorney General Merrick Garland says the Justice Department will protect those seeking to obtain or provide reproductive health services by enforcing a federal law. It prohibits physically obstructing or using the threat of force to intimidate patients and providers at abortion clinics. Garland says the department is also urgently exploring options. The challenge of Texas law prohibiting abortions after about six weeks of pregnancy, the Supreme Court has allowed that law to be enacted. It is different than similar laws by allowing citizens the Sioux abortion providers and those assisting with the procedure foxes Jared Halpern in Washington. President Biden is scheduled to tour areas of New York and New Jersey tomorrow, damaged by the remnants of Hurricane Ida. The visit comes after the president survey damage in Louisiana were more than a half million people in the state are still without power, Virginia's largest Confederate monument is set to come down this week. Virginia's Democratic governor, Ralph Northam, announced in a statement that the removal will happen Wednesday. It's an event more than a year in the making. He initially announced his intent in June of 2020 days after the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. The least. Statue stands enrichment. Once a capital of the Confederacy, Large crowds are expected to watch the dismantling protective fencing will be put up Tuesday, the day after the statue comes down, plaques will be removed, as well as a time capsule believed to be at the site. The removal Wednesday will also be livestreamed foxes, gurnal, Scott. The Taliban claims. It's now captured the Panjshir province of Afghanistan and says that victory completes its takeover. Opposition forces, including remnants of the regular Afghan army, claimed the fight is not over. America's listening to Fox News.

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