China is Courting the Taliban: What Do Islam and Communism Have in Common?


What do islam and communism have in common. Of course they're very different. And i completely agree but they do have some common elements even historically in the bolshevik revolution in the early nineteen hundreds they found camaraderie but also the fact is different as they are. They both operate under the idea that there is a totalitarian mindset that if you don't succumb to radical islam or toco and ism the power of the state that ultimately you will face pressure economic pressure or he'll be killed and i began to think when the book revelation talks about how those who don't receive the mark of the beast and i don't want to get into speculation why that is but it says that they will be beheaded think about it what modern religion or religious institution still infamously beheads. People that disagree or don't succumb to their authority. chris. Forgive me for interrupting. But i don't remember the scripture that it says the people will be beheaded actually says that we'll talk about that they would give their head. Yes and i wish. I had the verse in front of me. I didn't people can look it up. It's fascinating i mean. I know but i hadn't heard that okay so you know. Obviously everybody knows understands anybody that's seen You know the videos of isis radical islam. That's one of the main methods of Punishment that they inflict Upon people who go against them and so that's what communism and radical islam have in common is if you do not totally submit or totally succumb totally pay legions to those two systems. One religious one political. It's total dominance and even brutal brutality. And so i saw this july twenty third and the twenty fourth. There was no evidence at the time. that this was happening and i shared it with a few people. And what was interesting. Eric and people can look this up if they want to google it. Or whatever by the twenty ninth of july twenty twenty one. They were already news articles. That were coming out that were saying. Why has the chinese government invited taliban leaders to sit down for talks. Why in even since the fall of Of afghanistan there have been all kinds of articles mainstream media articles written about this strange bizarre connection in china and the taliban and watch china's interest with afghanistan.

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