Nike CEO John Donahoe's Lessons on Servant Leadership

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What star. John rains that i am most associate with you. Which is servant leadership. And i'd love if you could describe your philosophy on servant leadership especially try to conceptualize it for much smaller organizations. What does it mean to serve leader as a ceo of a bunch of ceo's around the table how should they think about how that philosophy conform away they run their business so when i talk about servant leadership. It's frankly the the way. I learned to lead because i actually learned the lead in partnership a ban where you aren't really empowered to do anything to you have to earn the respect and the followership of others. You guys don't have that as founders. But i do think you'll find that. Many of the best leaders exhibited the principles servant leadership. And i just say how do i serve serve. The purpose of the organization serve the customers served. The employees serve the communities in which we operate in a jim collins called at level five leadership other people call from things. But it's when someone it's not about the leader it's about what it is. We are trying to accomplish right and some of the antithesis of what's hot silicon valley at different times the narrative. Always around the all-powerful founder. They're all powerful leader. And i think there's actually very few examples where that actually great sustainable companies come out of that my leadership role model for large parts of my career with phil jackson of the chicago bulls. Now it'd be steve kerr for your younger and would always struck me. He was able to do is get people who actually were better than he was klay. Together he got michael jordan. Scottie pippen dennis. Rodman caster characters to win six championships. It got shack kobe to play together. You look at you. Look at steve kerr the warriors right. Now he's getting. Somehow he's getting steph curry klay thompson and kevin durant andrew mongering all vying to something greater and they win i view with how do you build high performance teams of top talent to win and servant leadership is part of it.

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