Why WarioWare Gets It Kind Of


So let's get started with the first topic of this week. That is warrior. Wear get it together. This is out on friday. Which is tomorrow if you're listening on. The this podcast is released marks review the game and i have been playing the game for wiki and gameplay capture support and. Tom gave it a seven. Would you like to give a quick summary on why you gave. Were you aware that score. Yeah so i. I've always liked lawler warrior games. I've smooth moves on the was also the game game before before that. Were like to my favorite kind of party games. Played less of the ds ones just to kind of like. I know that this is kind of where some people are coming from his like. The camp of the hand held. Gloria wears which were always more solo experiences versus the camp of the console warriors. Which were always more birdie games. Or it's how i read it at least maybe that's just my impression anyway. I reviewed this. Wanna give it a seven because it is a really fun. Wacky warri aware. It's really pretty music. The art design is really really good. Micra games are very fine. The characters are like hidden basically like and like the character system. Okay but some of the character designs are just like really. Were like verge like there's a person that can fly and shoot one direction and then there's version of that person that shooting one direction but just can't stop jumping and so there are just these cases where like some characters are objectively worse versions of other characters mess not like interesting or fun and it's just like oh that character is just bad and like i don't know it's just it's just not as engaging

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