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Sleep With Me


Let the sponsor know about. Let me know about it. And i'm going to try to make these shortest possible. And trying to tighten them up and be a little bit faster in the way i able to do. These short is from people that support the sponsors and let them know about it. Like charlie who supported helix. An all form. Charlie got a helix twilight and then white gray all form three piece chase lounge said for their new apartment. He looks at all form know about it. Thank you so much charlie Make sure if i support semester. Maybe go as short as i can Because of the people that support the sponsors in amplify their support. Thank you so much charlie again. That's the first part of soupy supporters on the second part. Is you getting the support you need. There's links in our show notes Take that step if you need some extra help right now. It's about the sporting the members of our community with our actions being apart positive change saying black lives matter saying stop. Api hate with how we behave what we do. There's links organizations you can connect with in the show notes in. It's about something i support. And that's migrant as you go to migrant justice dot net to find out more to support them. They're starting the milk with dignity program migrant justices mission is to build the voice it capacity empower of the farmworker community an engaged community partners to organize economic justice in human rights. You can find out more migrant justice. Ah dat net. And that is the end of the sleepy supporters. On a mr bartolotta people help out in the show. Who are they

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