Race to Succeed Japan PM Suga Heats up


Is now a wink. Since japan's prime minister yoshihiko super said he is to stand down as leader of the ruling. Ldp the race to succeed him is already in full swing. Well let's get the latest now for monaco's tokyo bureau chief in asia editor funeral wilson Good to have you with us. Thanks for joining us. Fear with good very good afternoon. Good morning to you. And now has the announcement of sucres departure really sunk in among the japanese yet. I mean it was. It was quick. It wasn't necessarily great surprise but it was a bit of a shock. Actually it was surprised he actually resigned. Honestly that was a shock because on thursday he was saying he was going to stand for re election as leader. If the ldp of course everyone knew this election was going to happen at the end of the month. Trenchant temper no surprise there but it looked like he was gonna run. He was getting all his Pieces in place softening up the right people look like he had and then suddenly on friday. He said no. I'm resigning and it seems that he was really hope by the The big the heavyweights in the party. It was time to go so it was a surprise. It has sankei. And i think there's been a lot of dissection in the media and the candidates are now emerging so who are the front runners in all this well. It looks at the moment. I mean lots of names have been mentioned obviously and anyone who follows japanese politics and you have to follow it closely to know who lost these people are but it looks like it's going to be a three way race basically. You've go tara conner. Who's the front runner. He's the man in charge of vaccines at the moment administrative reform. He's the one most people think he certainly has popular support. He's he's a bit of a loose cannon in some ways. He's very good at disrupting. He's not always good building consensus. I think he's the front runner. You have to mir kishida former foreign minister and sunai takeuchi. Who's the wildcard. I would say former intern faz. Minister earned would be japan's first female prime minister and she is being back rather curiously. I have to say patients up. Who's obviously still very influential. But in every other sense i would say she's an outlier.

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