Putting Post-Covid Cruising to the Ultimate Test


Can cruising we return post shutdown postcode. It'd be fun. Be enjoyable and be relaxing. And that's what i'm about to put to the test. Because i'm here on board my very first cruise after fifteen months of shutdown on biking venus. And i'm going to find out can cruising post shutdown. Be fun be enjoyable and be relaxing if you knew here. I'm gary beverage and my goal is to help make it fun and easy to discover plan at have unforgettable cruise vacations so what exactly makes for a enjoyable and relaxing vacation. I had a list. But i went out and asked people on the channel and hundreds and hundreds of people replied and everyone came up with the same seven things that i did. Somebody use those seven things to test out about cruising post covet. Now many of the videos. That i've watched and reports that i've read on postcode cruising has tended to focus very much on the restrictions the rules. But that's not what's important. What's important for me is what does it feel like to be backup cruising. Does it feel the same does feel different and is magnificent. The number one item which everybody said universally was key to a cruise being relaxing and enjoyable was being disconnected sets being disconnected from work being disconnected from your phone being disconnected from chores. Walk the dog. Cook your own food. So of course that's absolutely true of postcode. Cruising this is my first cruise in fifteen months since the shutdown and i was able to disconnect as simple nearly as i did before. So that's definitely a tick however it's not entirely possible to disconnect because there's concert reminders of the world that we live in so let's take a look at some of the things that were happening on the cruise. Now i would say though that although they did remind you of the world we're living in. They did actually and other ways make me feel reassured which did help me disconnect so what was in place well first of all come the cruise. It was vaccinated guests only so suddenly that reminded you that restriction in place. Unlike before when you could rive at any time you wanted. There was very strict invocation times in half hour slots you had to show proof of your vaccination status yet temperature checks and ultimately you had to have a pc tests done before you could actually happily sale.

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