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Careerbuilder dot com all right time now for today's strawberry letter and listen if you need advice on relationships dating work sex parenting and more. Please submit your strawberry letter to steve harvey. Fm m. and click submit strawberry letter. We could be reading your letter live on the air just like we're going to read this one right here today. Right buckle up and hold on tight. We got it for you here. It is the strawberry letter subject. He wants to skip the best part. You're stephen shirley. I am a seventy year old woman with raging hormones. Like a thirty year old. I love making love to a man that knows what he is doing between the sheets. I met this man about a year ago from an online dating site after five months of talking on the phone. We decided to get together now. I've always thought of loved making as an art. And if you're not an artist. I am not looking for painter. I know my performance is very artistic. Or so i have been told. I like variety nothing to kinky little variety. I told my boyfriend that he will get quality if he gives qualities. I am a big on. Getting things started in the right way and not just jumping right to it. My boyfriend started out doing the pre-game show but now he wants to get to the main attraction right away. His stamina is wonderful so there are no complaints there. I constantly wear sexy lingerie and he complements me on it but he doesn't take time to enjoy the presentation and unwrap. The package is a good man very loving and giving and he is even talking about marriage. I would love to marry him. But i need to know that he is willing to romanticize me. And keep it passionate and not just do a wham. Bam thank you. Ma'am type of deal. Stephen shirley how can i get him to take his time and not. Just jump in well. I'm gonna say this. I do like the fact that even at seventy years old. You're still being a boston. The bedroom okay. You say you have hormones of the thirty year old. I i liked that. I like that you know what you want and all of that. I think the problem with you too is. You're you're you're you're not on the same page or on different pages. Any smart man knows that women love the buildup. We love the romance of it. All we love the pre-game show as you call it. All of that. Four plays essential for women We get that part. Yes we do but every single time though every single time you gotta have a big pre-game show and all of that. No ma'am just real. Life just doesn't work like that. I'm sorry and this is real life. It is not a game as you. Call it Yeah you know some people just want to get to the main attraction. They really do Sorry to disappoint you ma'am but that is how it goes in like When we get packages. I mean think about it you know. We do get gifts and packages sometimes think about christmas. Sometimes you unwrap it you know. Fold up the wrapping paper and fold the bone nice and neatly and then. Sometimes you're so excited you just tear into the package. You just pay for snatched the ball you do that. I mean that's grill seventy sees with the hormones of thirty year old. Well i dunno. Okay anyway we just tear open the packages we do all right so i have to say this to you. You got gotta go with the flow. Okay you gotta go with the flow. It should not be the same every single time. It's just shouldn't you gotta go with the mood of things. Life is unpredictable at times and so is sex in the bedroom. And all that so you got to be a little flexible here and think about that situation. Sometimes you rip it off. Sometimes you go slow all right. That's just how it is steeped and no the letter not me. You know you was talking about getting stuff ripped off. Let's go over this letter. A package we got a seventy. We got a seventy year old woman. That's living with the raging hormones over thirty years. Now let's just stop right here for six best scary doggone it desk scary and if you ask me you lou late fall. You should have had to raging hormones of a thirty year old when you asked with seventy now you seventy now appreciate it. 'cause i'm planning on being around at seventy but i don't want to be like i was at thirty four for the purpose of this letter. The lady says i love making love to a man that knows what he's doing between the well. Hell he sat here. He don't know what he's doing. If you ain't experienced by seventy into bed room you what what what would you. You had seventy years to get it right if you doing it right right now. Sauropod you can push chips up to win now. She sang method man about a year ago online dating site. After five months of talking on the phone we decided to get together. She says i thought of love making as an on. And if you're not an artist. I'm not looking for a painting now. Less analyze deadline from the seventy year. Old out i thought of love making s. And if you're not honest. I'm not looking for paint. I love them. I liked that a lot too. That's real what day hale do that me. Cute ass lying. That's the way to write a letter. What the hell we're talking about. Love day of brushes and paint you savvy. We're talking about old paint anyway. I'm a big fan of getting things started to write weight and not just jumping right into it. My boyfriend started out doing pre game show but now he wants to get to the main attraction right away we come back. Let me explain why he wants to get to ride all right. We'll have part. Two of steve's response coming up at twenty three after the hour today subject. He wants to skip the best part. You're listening to morning show. Hey it's wilmer valderrama from essential voices with wilmer valderrama podcast. Los again hit the state farm. Some stories deserve to be told incredible. 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