A highlight from Dak hits the champs with a haymaker, but it's not enough for the Cowboys


It is the doomsday podcast. In edward or is coming to us. From raymond james home all roles cannons. Were going off all night for the The bucks and it's had a had a full day of activity lots and lots of live shots at least seven or eight and then the post game activities. So we're recording this the wee hours of monday morning. Ed what was it What was it like to be at an at a nfl stadium. You did a lot of games last year where there were almost no fans cowboys had a few fans was it Did it did it have some a lot of normalcy to it in was it Did it seem a lot more exciting. Yeah i think it's interesting to you. Know put it in context. The last time the tampa bay buccaneers and tom brady played at raymond. James stadium played in front of the smallest super bowl crowd in history because of the kovic restrictions and tonight they played before a full house. And that's despite the fact that there's this kovin in surge in there are four times as many people in the hospital right now as there were this time a year ago and it was kind of interesting as i thought about this before the game that this is really the first time tampa bay fans are getting to watch tom brady live at. He's already one of them super bowl. It's kind of a crazy situation. Where he's played all these games and one playoff games and won the super bowl in his home stadium. The only quarterback ever to do that and yet the fans have seen him play live in that uniform for the most part so that was kind of interesting and other than that you know from from a reporter's stand point. Were much more back to close to what it was before the pandemic in that we're able to access the field thrall our live shots last year. We were you know. Above an off the field we could not interact directly with players and coaches. I sat on the bench over on the buck side of field. And talk to tom or who's been coaching in the nfl. For forty four years coach. Peyton manning coach. Tom brady now got the interact with some of the cowboys coaches and players before the game in a way that couldn't a year ago. We're still not allowed him a locker room. But after the game there were i interviewed antonio brown on the field and stood not right next to him but close by and instead of hanging over the rail like we were doing last year with an extended microphone and then cowboys players and coaches Came into a media room. We didn't go in the locker room but at least we can ask the questions and they can see us there and you know we can read their body. Language in their vacant stares and make what we will of it so much much more normal experience than we had a year ago. Thankfully yeah well. I'm excited to talk to you about this. There are some people taking this loss. Pretty hard some people think it's a good sign at did that and i and i think probably there's there's a little bit of

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