Cowboys Kicker Misses Two Field Goals in Dramatic Loss to Buccaneers


I i don't think there's any way of getting around at the tonight. A loser for the dallas cowboys. Is greg zero line. Let's let's your thoughts your thoughts on greg's Let's see here one second. This is a hectic night. Obviously greg line just amber says. I'm so mad right now on facebook. i'm with you. I get this. You know an anthony says not the same defense Tony says push off definitely a push off there at the end cowboys losing. Because the buccaneers drive. If somehow missed the game drive at the very kick a game winning field goal which just about no time remaining cowboys. defense can't stop them in the cowboys. Defense i will say kind of was a little bit of the same old defense. We didn't get you know a defense that was just allowing the bucks going on and on and on and on but this defense did get four turnovers tonight. But if we examine those turnovers. I think the only real authentic one was the demarcus lawrence forced fumble demarcus. Lawrence is definitely a winner tonight. I think demarcus lawrence was awesome. But the first interception the cowboys had the trayvon digs on was a tipped ball. Off of leonard fournette. Yes that counts. Yes that's true. Yes that count statistically but you know that's not necessarily your defense making a play on the ball cowboys also got an interception on. Tom brady at the end of the first half throwing a hail. Mary trying something before the half. That isn't really count. Although jordan lewis certainly had valiant effort trying to run that back and get some points You know the last turnover. The one that kind of turned the game around a little bit. That gave the cowboys. an opportunity. There at the very end Was just kinda. Chris godwin you know running into devante. Casey's helmet those things aren't necessarily You know something. You can replicate on a week by week basis and so for that reason. It's hard to give the cowboys credit. For all of those turnovers it was a different type of performance at the exact same defense we. I think we definitely saw some improvements. I think that mike parsons played moderately. Well i think that demarcus lawrence has mentioned played while randy gregory was on things But this was. I mean man. What a rough game for anthony

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