A highlight from Dream Weaver


S. bird is implying. This is jason j. Louis the voice of superman on justice league action. You're listening to the crypt report. Walk into the crypt. john report. The all things trip. Tony podcast where we talk about. Anything relating to superman supergirl crypt on dc comics in tv movies. The games comics. I'm your host tyler. The superman of blue the man of tomorrow on today's episode james denier back highway still getting cooler. But it's nice 'cause fall and we're talking superhero so welcome all these almost fall september so this episode is cool. We're talking about Supergirl dream lever The dream weaver song to drop at anytime not even a hint of it. tightening An episode that and not use the song. And i just think about wayne's world always think about is when he uses like same thing with With foxy lady and Bohemian rhapsody. That hey rhapsody at almost become forgotten song and that movie. You've seen help bring him back into the which is awesome. I also taylor. I have the awesome pleasure of being on super radio and talking about this with rebecca fillion for her host and it was. It was a blast and we didn't check it out on zero radio. Podcast you can also watch it on youtube and seeing the episode. It was good time. Yeah i wanna. I wanna check that out. I got into mike. You look kind of what kind of go through this kind of be by meet with characters and stuff but mia having. She's music in this weird dreamworld that we'd never really seen before and she seeing. It looks like her mom in white with an hour and then as soon as she sees her mom with the owl boom actually shows up and talking about how she stuck in this dreamworld round where it needs needs help to escape and you know she. This hopeless owed niyaz not sleeping andrea sins or home mental health day. Which w awesome. If i had a job related send me home for mental healthy right and so nia basically tire episodes at home sleeping and having these china go into our dreams and having the visions of netflix and everything. So i say that. Because i kind of feel. I don't think nick sleep is trapped in the dream world. I kind of feel like yoshi. A fifth dimensional That she's able to when she senses nia go into the dream she's like popping. That's why it's so abrupt. When she appears right win trying to see her mom. Yeah i mean. I think she's manipulating her. In some way. I mean perhaps you know her explanation of of getting trapped. They're on the way out of the phantom zone and being an her power is being depleted. The way they are She needs help to get her out of the dream realm because she got sucked there. I mean i guess it seems to make some sort of sense. i mean. we're talking about dreams and like but they did have a conversation about a you know only whatever her races. I can't remember her race now. is able to enter the dream round physically. And she's like well. I'm a fifth dimensional imp. Would you call up some red flags for

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