What's Happening at the US Border Is an Insane Crisis


What is happening at our border is an insane crisis anybody with a modicum of common sense knows that you do not let people into the country unless you know who they are this is so basic. Anybody who doesn't get this is really foolish. And you can't even listen to them because this is really basic. You don't let people into the country unless you know they are whether they should be let into the country. There are people all around the world to come to this country. We can't simply let people in. We have a process that has been thrown in the garbage. We have total chaos. If our borders are not safe. We are not safe. And what do we need a tragedy. Do we need another nine eleven to happen before people say. Oh yeah you know you were right. We should've kept her eyes on that ball. What's going on. Ghanistan is a scandal. Yeah and we're is the pushback from the republicans. You got like a handful. Republicans pushing back. They should all be pushing back. I mean we. Have you know you mentioned democrat on one hand you could mention. You've got ted cruz. You've got josh. You've just got a handful of folks out there Devon nunez who are

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