Breaking the Formulaic Mold of Contemporary Christian Music


To andy irwin of the famous irwin brothers. You probably remember the film. i can only imagine. There's a new film out called the jesus music movie obviously self explanatory. It's about jesus music. We were just talking. Andy about this strange moment in the culture and to me. It's there's something sad about it where we had people mainstream figures. Billy graham to some extent was a mainstream figure. But we had johnny cash. We had chris christopherson singing unapologetic. Jesus music maybe the issue is that we have separated it into a. I think a lot of people think sometimes that when you do that you sort of marginalize yourself in other words it would be wonderful if everybody in the country was listening to the music rather than just people who listen to ccm. So i don't know where. Do you think we're going with that because i feel like you don't reach people if you're just in your own little genre. Yeah i think we explore that in documentary for sure because there was there. Was this purity where it started And you know the people that there wasn't an industry around. It was his people. That kind of organically started kind of expressing their fate. And then they're kind of became something where it became a little bit more for formulaic and then people blazed trails in new directions and then it will become formulaic. And then you know that was always the struggle between you know the commerce of it of just kind of play into your base and then being able to do really great art. And i think you know the exciting thing about it. Is i think you know we try to find something. That was universally relatable and the idea of You know outside of it being genre of these trailblazers that said hey. My voice is represented and i would like to form something that doesn't exist That's incredibly romantic. But along the way you know it can get kind of formulaic and just kind of play to the base. I think the exciting thing that's happening now. With the arts you know across the board Not just with with music but also hopefully you know heading that direction in film is there's been an opportunity To kind of branch out beyond the walls and so we kind of go into where it has been the started to make those steps in that direction. Like with the lauren bagels. And the you know for king country. Mcrae's there's these modern artists that are beginning to kind of blur. Those lines a little bit more and reach a broader

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