A highlight from 08.31.2021



Good morning and welcome the kid news. I'm tori. It's tuesday august thirty first. Twenty twenty one and we begin with how the lint from your sports uniform could be turned from pollution into energy. A lot of our clothes are made with synthetic materials like polyester and nylon. And that's good because it's cheap to produce last for a long time and is comfortable to wear but the fabric is made from petroleum which is a major downside when the clothing is washed. It produces tiny strands. What we call lindt. And that's a big contributor to plastic pollution but some european scientists have found a way to recycle that lent and turn it into energy. Their findings published in science of the total environment showed that by heating the lint without oxygen the micro fibers breakdown into oil gas and charcoal. The team even suggested setting up collection points similar to the system where people return soda cans and bottles in exchange for money. But don't start saving the lint from your dryer yet. A lot more research needs to be done before. This

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