ACC, Big Ten, Pac-12 Alliance to Focus on 'Collaborative Approach'

KUOW Newsroom


Well the pac twelve today announced a strategic alliance with two other powerful athletic conferences. Kyw's tom bouncy reports. It's to protect themselves. During a time of upheaval. The leaders of the pack twelve big ten and atlantic coast conference said an unprecedented degree of turbulence. Drove them to form an alliance pac. Twelve commissioner george clear. Cough specifically mentioned compensation of college athletes gender equity and expanded college football playoff and conference realignment foundation of college. Sports is in many respects in turmoil. Clear cough says there's no sign document at this point to specify how the newly allied conferences will work together. They plan to iron that out over the coming months with an early emphasis on establishing new rivalries or tournaments the creation of these interconference games across all time zones with interesting new matchups provides all of us the opportunity to think about how that benefits are schools. Long-term another stated goal is to maintain stability for the forty one schools in the three conferences as others. Realign i'm tom bonzi reporting.

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