A highlight from The new 14' MacBook Proyou want the good or bad news first? (CultCast #507)


Hello i'm a mac and what's the suit but what's the biohazard suit of the biohazard suits. There's this major new viruses on the lose. Yeah i heard about scary viruses and malware tripled in the past year some estimates. Put a twenty thousand. New ones are discovered every day. You don't have to deal with this stuff. Mag what about you. Live in the suit for that suit forever. Couldn't hear you through my virus. Proof mask a pocono. Cast the best thirty minute conversation. You're gonna here all week long. I'm your host appalachia joining me today. He just got back from europe and he brought a little piece of italy back with them. A new look. That's right henceforth every spring through summer. He's vowed to nothing but speed on a single gold chain so if you watch video broadcasts you have something to look forward to come this spring and summer. I'm looking forward to it. His managing editor tobacco smallest here. Somebody scare people off also with us. I forgot to Right out his interest make something up on the fly. He sometimes likes to go to pubs and he drinks too much and bite your grandma grandma's there she makes contact us fighter and he's had several lawsuits against him for punching out grammas and a few of them have beat them in those fights which i found to be interesting. Some of them fought back and won. So that's an interesting piece of information about him. He's a fan of leander. Katya here so

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