Wrapping Up Some Hand Histories



We are wrapping up some hand histories that we started lost episode with melissa burr. This time we're talking ten dollars twenty dollars at crown casino. You started with two thousand dollars where we are on the table right now. A look. You know we've been going up and down but that's just bring a stand into the big blind angus. I'll be giving you this hand. 'cause as hands are there'll be serious they say this business big blonde with ten and the seven officer a real power. Has todd cheese and you got bet to pass and effective. The middle position are fifty dollars. The large at kohl's net button kohl's kohl's so now this game just so we. I don't know if anyone was remembering from las wake. Said the game was really tough at the start and we'll building it now. The game is built. It's very much underway Said the ship safari fast and furious. It's for ring game. Some guys have saw bits on. It's really it's really going sartre. We call in the big blonde. We tend to seven officers. Our main you could fall but not just putting thirty bucks in you. You just calling seven seven rot. That's that's exactly right so there's five ways to the floor. I seven three rainbow. The small blonde looks like he wants to. He doesn't wanna bet into everyone's Checks what do we do. We check road we check. It goes checked her up. Look ten officer on the turn. I seven three ten for bar. I student like this and then you go to pair. I don't like this for a couple of reasons. Because jack is certainly handed would've limped along and now they've got so maybe i'll put a feel out of like one hundred twenty. Most importantly dr is the small blind bets into everyone. For one hundred seventy terrifying. It's terrifying especially considered they wanting to the previous picture eight. Yep what's the. What was the flip again. I seven three. I couldn't have three by could have raised. That could even have at seven zero fraud and pocket. I'ts bake also have things like ice. I know i night. So i mean cooling but i love it in fact wacoal heater and then a very good playa kohl's behind and then aleatory pliers followed. The river is an ice. So now if you'll sign a sites i seventy central wants to bet. Now that's hands bathing us. That was terrible view avocado. I'm guessing small vixen again. Dr this tomasson chicks. I think he schick. Coal are while there. Maybe our mike terrible plight. He but on really bright River decision put up Huge and it goes followed. Solve value to be hadid is obviously went for too much. Yeah absolutely i mean. Some people could argue that you could follow prey floppy basis. I pointed contention audit thinks especially in a game. Lock these Rising the turn is certainly something you could do. Considering i could have things like ten no on but you block that It could have our sets he can rise and then decide. What happens if you get free or something like this. Just the charge them Sometimes people to have a bit of a body of the apple when it gets checked and on the flop and certainly on the river We've sort of bombed it harping that what like top paige colza soul. There's so many repairs. There was sort of getting value from with his laws bet like and if they have mighty isis up and i told us what we lose like the hall hand applied is discombobulated. A nonsensical really. I mean i don't know what was going on. This is just a catalyst bad hand with lots of interesting situation. So i think sure we can call but maybe just to turn about. I think we got a bit smaller. We gotta get value and this is not the way.

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