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We to talking We have several open positions at about well and the money guys show so. That's coming announcement. We're hiring in case somebody is interested and coming to work for us but that got us to thinking what has people who are on the other side of the interview table a lot you especially but now i have some years of under my belt as well. What makes somebody stand out. What makes somebody like just nail that job interview. I don't know if it's just through osmosis that we had done some content meetings. But i'm rawdon got dinner for my daughters. They conned me into not cooking forum last night there. Their mom was out with some girlfriends for birthday dinner. And i was gonna cook for them. Had this holes noodle sausage and all this all the ingredients in there like now. Let's go out to eat and we were. I was talking to my oldest. And i was telling her because she's bad. Wrap up her. Act prep classes and she wants to get a job. Besides just you know babysitting in the pets as this is the best time in the world because people just need workers right now so you i said. Don't just go take the first job that happens upon your your circumstances like i did because i worked at hardee's all through high school because it was down the street from a house there the first place that offered me a job when i went interviewed so i took it and that was good enough. Now look at told my daughter. Just because i didn't want her to fall into the same traps as i think about and actually write down what you want to accomplish based upon pay life skills. What would be fun and she like. She named off something like there's nobody in that store so you'll be bored and you won't work to be busy tom flaws but that it does but i think the timing couldn't be better in fact we've done multiple shows recently on that forty percent of americans are considering changing jobs we here. It's a daily occurrence that there's articles where employers having a hard time finding employees if you have ever considered changing jobs. This is an awesome opportunity. And and here's the other thing. I was thinking about the show. I was like man. We have a lot of financial mutant our audience. They're not changing jobs. They'd probably love what they're doing. But this is kind of like when i read the book how to win friends and influence people and this is a business book but then as i'm reading it i'm like man. This'll be great for wife. I'm gonna use this for my in my relationship with my spouse with my kids. I think today's show even though this is about how to do well in your job interview. It really is about skills that can also serve you well in life to i love that. Let's dive into it. So here's how to stand out in your next job interview. Our i thought is that you need to evaluate the opportunity. What's the risk reward of this job that you're applying to the this. Is i think sometimes people look. We all hate change. I mean i think it's a human nature. It's that fight or flight. Risk that you. You don't wanna you don't wanna put yourself out there because we all hate rejection rejection. Is that thing. I mean look. I was the world's worst endless dating scene. I don't use a lot of things in life. You know all of us as humans we hate rejection and so it's not uncommon where we look and evaluate job opportunities that if if it's a difficult process because i remember even like applying to colleges if they required to long of an essay. I was like whatever no i'm not doing. 'cause i didn't wanna go the extra effort and that's a problem. I think a lot of people face. But i want to give you kind of contrary way to look at this if a process is difficult if it has a moat around it where you're like wow if i go for this job this is gonna be a lot of work. Here's the way. I want you to think about this. Every treasure stinky seeking adventure. You know that we ever watch you know. Think about national treasure with nicholas cage. You think about that rock with the jungle cruise or or any of these things that are going on. There's always going to be obstacles that face. You and i even have an experience share when i was in it was either. I think it's probably my junior year of college. I took my first tax class as an accounting major meaning. We'd made it through all the intermediary accounting's we made it through all the basic business accounting. Now we're getting into the everybody in your room and in the class was an accounting major and i remember when we had our first tax project i recognize very quickly hours out of my waters meaning in my comfort zone in the fact that everybody else in the class of majority of what op received had either. The parents were in the accounting profession. They had an aunt or uncle or maybe next door neighbor who had told them and they were all going to their friends and families accounting firms to work on these these tax projects me coming from humble beginnings. Nobody in my family. Doing anything like this because you know. My dad was a college athlete. So he had a p. e. degree. That's not exactly applicable. Not for accounting. Your mom was a schoolteacher. So it's just remember thinking man. This is i'm defeated. I what am i doing here. I don't belong here. I think a lot of people who are aspirational or maybe. You're the first in your family to consider a job in the wonderful world of finance. Don't get discouraged. I wanna give you the the visual that will change that negative into a positive. Is that also when i got myself feeling depressed or down. I remember thinking this clarity hit me. That was like wait a minute. If i can knuckle it up and make it through this. My kids my neighbors my niece and nephew if they want to get into the wonderful world finance.

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