Rick and Morty Interview - What to Expect from the Finale


Is. Is there anything that you can tell us. That fans should expect or not. Expect to see an hyped. It up at the start ramp brandon brandon oi sneaks. These questions and these are all. It's where we like. We get waterboarded everyday to not give out any facts though. There's no way you could like sneak. Sneak something out of me out. I feel like i would just say that. Like people have been clamoring for stuff all season. And they'll feel like bill they're getting stephan than some people are going to like. It's been a thanksgiving meal and many the unbuckle their pants and pass out with football. They're going to be so rewarded with what they're about to get. They're going to be in the deepest food coma from this episode and all turn on msg three k. For a

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