A highlight from GSMC Soccer Episode 240: Champions League Group Stage


I'm your host steven melendez and i'm gonna be bringing you the latest and greatest and soccer news from around the world. Thank you ladies and gentlemen for joining me today in my final episode for the gmc podcast network It's been an amazing year Being here in contributing to this network and growing in you know trying to get better with you know everything that has to do with doing a podcast so thank you to gmc in. I'm excited for today's episode. We got a lot going on. We got the champions league group. Stage already set. It's such a juicy topic to talk about We got some incredible groups. And i want to get to every single one of them here in the first segment after that we can talk about the premier league in the other top five leagues kinda mix that in both segments and then lastly for my final Episode since i haven't been able to finish all of the position i'm just gonna combine strikers wingers in the same lists and do a top ten for for both positions. It's going to be a tough list to do trust me. It was incredibly difficult but tune in for that. Because you're gonna wanna find out who i have at number one So without further do get started. Let's work our way down from group. A group a seems to be the one most people were talking about. Because you got club. Bush you got rb leipzig and most importantly you have manned city and ps facing off the top of the group. It's a pretty incredible match up to get right away in this competition. The two that you expect to meet at the end you get to see two more times in the group stage edge just too good to even think about i. The only reason. I don't consider this the death group is because you know rb lie. Chicken club lose. They're they're they're no match for. Ps man city. It's it's nowhere close so it's really just a two man race. If it was a third like i don't know like milan or liverpool. You know like the ones that are in group. B or or dortmund. You know but it's collusion rb logic. Just don't really hit it as much as you would think so. I just don't see it as a group as a group of death. But i mean you got some incredible teams there. You're gonna look a ps. Gee i already know what. I'm gonna talk about killing imbaba neymar and lionel messi. I mean it just a ridiculous trio to be put together with F f p everything. I mean they are too great goalkeepers keilor novels and donald rumor a very solid midfield with on that herrera above aurora t. Better at it You got Why now them you got. It's it's a very long list of midfielders of the helmet can just insert in and out. How pleased and adding hakimi as well. Me already has one goal and two assists in his first four appearances for ps gene regular season. He's going to be a huge factor as well. So it's i made it. There is a lot to this team. I mean even drew ciganda gate. He's been getting a lotta time. He's already got one gone. I mean it was a ridiculous gopher. you haven't seen it already. You should look up. A theresa gotta gays a long ball from a to me. It felt like thirty fi. But i mean they're saying twenty-five but whatever teach their own it was just an absolutely unbelievable shot but it's it's an extremely talented team won't have cardi for a few weeks. I think it's three weeks left or two weeks left for falling having he'll be there for the group stage. I'm pretty sure when when do they start. Let me look that up. Real quick september fourteenth. Owing might he might not make it. I mean because it's about two weeks before the start of the group stage two weeks man that just oh of so excited i am so excited and we get psg versus club bruges and of course that means it. Man and rb leipzig. I all right. I mean we get like the easy one but then after that it's september twenty eight so we gotta wait another two weeks. That's we got. Ps jian man city. September twenty eighth. Mark your calendar folks. You're gonna wanna watch this one. It will man is gonna be a good good game You're going to see that that's already going to be a month with messy in the side. That's all oh man that's going to be so so good to watch but Yeah you got. Ps there and then on man side. I mean you got a super team as well you can go up and down this roster. I mean the the newly acquired jack to go along with. Emi got rajouri bernardo silva sterling mahrez over the brewing. Obviously once he comes back healthy. Consolo ruben diaz the the player of the year last year it. Okay guna gone. I mean come on federal torres lepore to kinda starting find his way back and governor. Hey seuss also. Who's having a great start to the season with one goal and three assists vettori as well two goals and one assist both playing extremely well very young prospect. I mean looking very very solid. And i mean this this will be the teen to eventually get in the way of. Ps g get title But who knows i mean. We thought the same thing last year with with manchester city in. I don't know and on of course i forgot to say edison edison's a huge huge piece of this team. But i mean adding that greely is huge. He's got an a a goal and assist in three appearances. He's gonna play a huge role in. It's gonna be fun. But i mean manchester united man. It just sucks their other. They made it into the into the group stage. Which which group are they in

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