Diabetes Has Surged Among US Youth, Decades-Long Study Finds


On the rise among the nation's youth. A new study shows that Type one and type two diabetes have surged in those under 20. NPR's Ping Hong reports Over the past two decades, more and more young people have been diagnosed with diabetes. It's a chronic condition where the amount of sugar in the bloodstream is too high and can lead to serious health problems like heart and kidney disease. In the Under 20 age group, Type one diabetes has increased by 45% since 2000 and one Take two diabetes, which is linked to obesity has nearly doubled in that time, with the greatest increases seen in black and Hispanic youth. The reasons for the rise and diabetes are not totally clear, but could be related to rising rates of childhood obesity and exposure to environmental chemicals. The results published in JAMA, come from a long term research study funded by the CDC and the National Institutes of

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