Lizzo Upsets Madonna Fans

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Fans. Are this morning. Missile set off a hot debate. And we're going to try to settle this once and for all. Who is the queen of top. I i've got to say good morning to lawa. Thank you for being here this morning. In the yellow bird. Morgan stewart vision in white. As thank you right and you are always fabulous dear. Yes we do need to be better about repaying. The compliment right at nine hours sleep today. So i'm ready ready again. So this new debate started with one little tweet little. Janet jackson is the queen of which did not go over well with madonna. Vance may say madonna's held that title for almost forty years. So let's do this. Who is the queen of madonna. First of all our producer texted us this morning. When i was getting my copetition second. You're busy but i need to know who's the queen about i literally went from madonna to. Oh britney's obviously the queen of pop issue the princess so literally. This is where my mind went. I was like madonna britney. And then i was like what then there's gaga you gotta include gaga but then i was like god has now my mind never went to janet and i stand you rhythm nation jan. I'm into janet. You know this young janet to justice. Yup go no no. I don't think she's more diverse eclectic than cable. Let me say this does more than just pop. I think janet jackson does not want that title because it comes with too much work. Janet wants to do half a tour she at home. She wants to be with that baby. She wants to count that two hundred bidding meal you. She got mad man from dubai. Live her best. Life jackson does not want that crown. Do you think. Gm even considers herself the queen of pop. I think janet. Jackson glenn centers. The queen of

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