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Now. People are going to be like holy crap and understand what you guys are saying. They could actually fucking. We got fancy podcast equipment now Get a little close mean close just because my voice is a little quieter so quiet. I hear your voice very well. I know but i don't hear you might be a little closer to the mic. Maybe maybe you should turn up the volume high volume volume up. Maybe mortgage on you. Maybe there you go. I would set them both the same the go on the same all right. They're the same now. they're the same. So now i can hear me fucking. It's a beautiful day here at shane. Podcast we get some fancy new podcast equipment. Welcome to the show a man to week. We're at the two week. Mark exactly broke dude. We are on fire fire. You know why why we're on fire. Here's why we're on fire on fire. I ordered all this fancy fucking podcast equipment. And i was so excited like a kid on christmas i was like i gotta go sit the shit up so yeah man we are making our ways we are also if you wanna listen to us on different kinds of podcast. What do you call them. Networks i guess absent apps and whatnot. And let's start listener all right every. We're pretty much available everywhere. If you want to listen to us on apple podcast he can on spotify you can. We're bond good old iheartradio now. We're on amazon music or on audible and all that we we're on all the good stuff all the good stuff so if you want to hear a couple

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