A highlight from Beyonc's Homecoming


We've got britney loose co host of the podcast the nod hey brittany. Hey and also in new york in the same room. As brittany is music writer. Kiana fitzgerald gerald. Welcome back to the show kiana. Hello thank you for having me back. Oh we are thrilled to have you here. So is an understatement right. Now that's a fair warning. This is an enthusiastic. There is a lot of energy percolating. Just a quick note. We are recording this just a day or so after the launch of homecoming a beyond say film. By the time this episode drops beyond say may have done. All sorts of things may have dropped another. Drafting your album. Who knows if that happened. We are recording this on thursday. The day after the drop sidney. Yes the picture. This as like the lead outpost homecoming. We're all yes so sydney. You're at beach ella. You saw this happen live in the audience. You're covering this for npr music. Did you think of the show. Yes i was there in the flesh last year. And as you said i was covering for. Npr music and i was however many thousands of rose back but yeah. I felt that electricity that organized chaos that christmas morning tingling feeling and i wanna say reliving it now with this two hour documentary with all the context added. It's very very close to bottling that electricity. yeah and on the night of bitola bijela. There was so much energy in the air that it really felt like a homecoming for everyone. In the beehive. I was thousands of rose back and for a show like that. You got stake your claim you gotta find your spot early afternoon cheating. Go on to like ten or eleven but people were standing where they were standing in the show for four five hours prior. I was wondering about the. Oh my oh for sure. The bathroom he went to the bathroom like in they took turns. They took turns getting drinks. Everything like that. And i remember. I made friends with a group of australian women and it was australian women from like all colors and creeds. it was so fascinating and to dislike. Find a kindred spirit and the beehive all the way across the world at coachella was great but as the show started. There was some really annoying guy. And i don't want to. You know. I don't want to spend too much energy on it. But he was really annoying and he's trying to talk over asking his friends if he wanted to get a drink and the australian women with a crown full of Bantu knots she spins around and she was like no v is beyond say talk wanna capture the finger wag real have some respect type of like gumption is the gumption that translated on stage for beyond the now translate into this documentary. Kiana what did you think. Yeah okay so i'm gonna. I'm gonna backtrack to when it happened last year. I don't know what happened. Oh i was asleep. Because it was so late. So i completely missed it when it was live streaming but i woke up the next day and i washed by myself and i live tweeted it by myself and it was still a thrilling experience and i watched it obviously again last night and i just like i feel so dramatic saying this but i immediately started crying as soon as i saw her like when they open the scene and like all the dancers and musicians are like leading to her and then you see her for the first time in this regal crown and she looks like royalty and i was just like oh my god like we finally have a queen like we knew that she was queen but just seeing her like that was like yo. This is it so it was fantastic. Reliving that that's great. How about you britney. I was so floored the first time that i saw the performance. I like kiana i had. I went to bed that night. I'm thirty one years old again. We're on the east coast. I think the most generous and knowledgeable beyond say did somebody who understands. Her fans was to rebroadcast. The performance during like daytime east coast the following day like kiana. As soon as that. I that i shot with the female snare drummer and all of those nostrils. Yes oh the nostrils like it was. It took me right back to the very first homecoming that i attended at howard university. My alma mater. You might have seen beyond say through her documentary where you're howard sweatshirt as an oath to my college but it took me back to my first experience seventeen years old at homecoming around all these beautiful black people like watching the howard university showtime marching bands. Show out on the field. La la the dancers that were. I guess we call at times. Majorettes that the dance with marching band like black schools and also a lot in the south and dancing dolls and the j. sets Yeah they were out there on the field getting it and like i was really touched by the level of specificity of detail. I am a black american woman. I'm not from the south by did attendant. Abc you and that culture is so close to my heart. This is who i am. I never seen that subset of black. Culture put out into the mainstream in a way that was so tender and so loving and so well done. This was total love letter to each. Abc's and the culture that it nurtures and cultivates and beautiful black people that come from this lineage in this culture brittany as you said it was an encapsulation of it but it was broadcast on the whitest scale possible with the biggest budget possible. Absolutely i mean one of the things. You really glean watching. This is how personal experience. This is for the people who love it. Every time i've talked on the show or on all things considered or whatever about how much i love beyond say somebody will always clapback me in my mentions or whatever like two issues as they always. I always imagine a talk exactly like that. And when you watch this you understand why it is not hyperbolic. Yes i mean. People will talk about the queen as the good place. One hundred and four percent perfect or whatever people talk about but like but like she's putting forth a picture of black culture that is unlike the pictures we have gotten because of how budget how much impeccably how much just a showcase an platform. She has one thing that i've really appreciated watching this film as opposed to a straight concert representation if this had been a two hour. Seventeen minute beyond say concert. I think we'd have all been thrilled. But the fact that she folds in so much of her process really gives you a sense of how much work and how much practice and how much drudgery and misery and pushing herself beyond her limits and pushing her staff beyond their limits went into putting on a show. Like this you. Can you know when you're watching it on youtube and you see this gigantic set and two hundred people on stage and product the end product. You know there's work that went into that. And i don't know as a process nerd i just kind of appreciated having

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