John Zmirak Loves Eric's New Book


Some talking to john's mirror and it's really really really depressing. John do we talk about something positive for for change. Sure how about the best book. I've read this year. And you just have a new eric. I'm the author get get outta here avalon. All you know. I do not flatter. Because i don't care what they think and your mum that list of people i just i don't care enough to flatter europe or the book is just actually good. If it sucks. I would not i tell you in an email but i wouldn't tell you on the air but this book is atheism dead is fantastic and i wanted to describe it to people. I purposely took this book with me. E book version to a greek restaurant in in dallas. That i take you to. When you're in town cost is cafe. Wonderful cafe on greenville. Very authentic When i was once reading your book stared the waiter comes up and says the author is greek. And i said yes. And he's a friend of mine and he eats here sometimes he said go tell telling to say hello next time. He is in restaurants. And i'm reading his atheism de kostas cafe and i realized that your book is like the athenian combo on the on the menu. Where it's not just lamb chops. It's also shrimp scampi. And it's also an order souvlaki. It has a huge filed. Three different wonderful thing. You get all of that for the low low low low low price of fourteen ninety seven if you go to eric. Metaxas dot com. It's supposed to be a thirty dollar book. Four hundred plus pages. And you're telling me and i know this is true. It's basically three books in one. I mean i'm not joking like it is. It's weird right. It is three short books in one. It really you should have sold them separately and now seldom together in a special authors anyway. Three books in one the first one is a fantastic book on intelligent design and how physics and biology and cosmetology and chemistry and chemistry are all pointing towards the fact that life could not exist. An orderly universe couldn't exist certainly advanced life and then human conscious life. None of these things can be explained by the quaint victorian nineteenth century superstition of random chance. Darwinism and survival. Of the i mean and that's putting it very mildly and i oftentimes when i'm writing my books. I established myself because i discovered things. I think. It can't possibly be this dramatically true. So i think when people read the book they will be

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