In the greatest country on Earth. Dan Bongino.


In the country again. She was asked by Fox News, Peter Doocy. So you guys have this new policy? I don't know If you heard this today, folks where people will be allowed now to travel to the country from Europe and elsewhere as long as they can show their vaccinated. So Peter Doocy asked a common sense question. Well, there's that apply to people crossing the border illegally as well. And Psaki said No, it doesn't because those people aren't planning to stay long and are being expelled. Science folks. And yet were lectured by by science signed by leftist who claim they're the science adherence. People are just It's just really hard to believe that some of the dumbest human beings on planet Earth are all in Washington, D C at the same time. Alright that I'll take your call is in a minute. Hey, if you've ever been behind the wheel behind the wheel of a high performance sports car, you realize how much better a car can be. As a result, you never want to settle from the regular car again. Well,

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