Boris Epshteyn and Rudy Giuliani Discuss The Corruption of the Biden Family


Got america's mayor the one and only true historic leader of this country. Mayor rudy giuliani mayor. Thanks so much for coming on or is always a pleasure. How are you. it's it's my pleasure. And my honor to have my honor to talk to you and i wanna go right back and we did this with commissioner. Kerik let's go back to nine eleven few days ago. I the honor of being there with you downtown. You give that powerhouse speech. I don't give one iota of crap. What the losers. And all of the weaklings in mainstream media say that was a powerhouse. Happy you came into it and you went hot on biden or used to be joe biden on the trader million. We know even more than we did when you were giving that speech of just how much of a trader gentleman on the pathetic st stance of the democrats in this country and the rhinos pushing back against china so mayor. I wanna thank you. I wanna thank you for your leadership. I want to thank you for your strength and wanna think of putting the country on your back twenty years ago on nine eleven and thank you for continuing to stand up. Sir thank you. It's it's a it's a. It's the thing that keeps me. Going is the fact that i know that i'm telling the truth that i have support for this year. You know it because you were there with me necessarily election allegations but also go way back to all the corruption of the biden family of thirty million dollars at least in bribes over thirty year period of pay for play scheme that started like little cheap scheme in delaware and became a massive twenty thirty million dollars for the communist. Chinese all provable. All they're all covered up by the media and the hard would have proved all of that and then now we have really the consequences of the fraud of two thousand twenty and that is the match killing people. His incompetence is letting people die. Who would not have died if we had a responsible president not even if we had trump but if we had a reasonably intelligent man operating with his full bringing

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