Do Vaccines Contain Fetal Cells?


Do vaccines contain fetal cells. The short answer is no. The long answer is sorta and so. I'm going to read this to you. And you can decide and i we. I trust this source. That gets pretty much. As i understand the argument about the fetal cell lines some vaccines. According to this documented again these are others that say pretty much the same thing some vaccines have been produced using fetal cell lines which are very different from fetal tissue. Fetal cell lines consist of cells that originated from abortions. That took place decades ago. Since then the cells used in vaccines have been grown in the laboratory. No new fetal cell lines have been used fetal cell lines are used to make a handful of vaccines but not all the vaccines use them in. Nineteen eighty five. Scientists obtained retinal cells from an abortion. That have been used to grow. The common virus used in vaccinations and cancer. Treatment retinal cells are in our eyes and help us see. This retinal cell line was used to create. The johnson and johnson cove in nineteen vaccine. It is true. Here's the complete answer and it is nuanced. It is complicated. It is true that decades ago cells from three legally aborted fetuses babies were used to grow viruses today. Five vaccines are made using descendants of these cells that have been grown in a laboratory. But that is not the same as saying that. Today's vaccines are made using fetal cells human fetal cell lines were used to make vaccines and the nineteen sixties bottom line. Vaccines do not contain fetal or human dna. Even though human cell lines are used to create vaccines. Vaccines don't contain someone else's dna so again. It's fairly complicated difficult. It's a it's a new. But i would defend your right to say if the vaccine that i'm being ordered to take has been produced using fetal cell lines and i am a pro-life american and i believe strongly that i don't want that in my body. How is that. Not a religious objection.

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