Congressman Dan Crenshaw Doesn't See a Path Forward for Democrats


Dan crenshaw represents texas's second congressional congressional district Former us navy seal officer real popular and important voice in america. Right now congressman crenshaw. It's great having the mike gallagher show. Hamilton is a worldwide phenomenon. The musical i never knew that. I i never thought i'd borrow some lyrics from that show to send a message to joe biden. A nancy pelosi have the kind of fits Yeah i like that. Feel that fit on my instagram. I know because it's it's it's true. And i don't know i'm i'm still not really ready to settle into my easy chair and say that this thing is going to going to go up in smoke. I democrats typically democrat. They tend to unify. But you know what do you. What do you see happening over the next few days surely pelosi and in particular joe biden can't live with this kind of an embarrassing defeat when they're going to have to But that's about. I'm hoping right. I want to get ahead of my skis here It doesn't look good for them. It's hard to see a path forward of progressive steam seemed to be sticks in the mud. They don't wanna move good autumn. You know they're taking their lead from bernie. And then what i mean by this is this is complicated right because people have to understand. There's two bills and the negotiation between these two is is linked. But it's really an internal debate amongst democrats so bernie saying. Don't don't vote for the bipartisan infrastructure. Bill unless they attach it to reconciliation which just makes it one giant bill in which case republicans are obviously gonna throw their hands up and i the republicans i mean you would have voted for the infrastructure bill by itself but but not for it.

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