A highlight from When Calls the Heart - S04E11

Deck The Hallmark


Guys got better all well. I guess i. Here's dr louis there. It was on camera three that whole time. So the first part the people that are watching youtube are not sure what's going on. They can't see me. Nice directing but from a production standpoint. it's quality because he became rounds could've stopped talking. I could have. But i didn't know but you're actually in a phone call. I was on. I guess win calls the heart season. Four finale what are we even from here Movie next week. Shutdown than shuddered down had no choice. Yeah down. I'm sorry i'm linden. Who orders that classic grand do it more often cut it out. Hey i this is crazy polls polls polls just got in contact with. They said they've done Thirteen different pause place. Yeah that's a different polls pull falsely as you get back to this about voting and walked into a booth since walter mondale really. You heard me one thing. I appreciate about you. Rig is that you vote the issues of opiates. Use trash pick up. I won't federal traffic up no matter where i live. I live with a donkey in a bone. you pick up trash. Come and get dove. I feel like that's going to raise our tax bill significant matter pick up trash much fresh. Would you have just with donkey. I would run for president under the just the pick up trash potty picking up twenty four rinsed too high up trash in this scenario. Do you put the trash can or do you expect people come in and outside your house. It goes. wait hold on just trash people. How do you know how you travel post on the trash nod trash travel traffic updates your wide. I don't know what the big deal is wild boy. I got five. G. can't pick up the trash but again those are private come windows. Eleven just came out. That's what we need. When i hear good things about the new windows. Hey what was i doing. Just now heart wingels the heart. Now finale we were asking about showdown pulse pulse pulls polls just call and they were pulled and they let us you know they let us know. But i'll say this last thing. Rick issues traffic go just go. What are we doing polls polls polls called yesterday talking about. What goes heart celeste. We have a recording of rig for this episode and trays just plays it every time she hears keyword. What's the keyword pulls bowls bowl a windows. The hearts with the voting was out. I really do. We read wing caused the heart season. Four episode eleven. What's the name of this one. Oh i remember this. Aca carts of courage fire Either of you write your cheating heart. You're somehow closer telling you heart of a. I was right. Courageous heart was episode. Nine zone It originally aired on november twenty third twenty seven twenty about any no jan. I'm a hockey goalie and frame doing up on this stick. Say twenty seventy so. We only have one more time is spent. Let's go i understand. Twenty eighteen has already been bosca. Sonic to say he is. He's can i say this. I've never been more proud of an of an arc of a character betty. Just he's really going full so you know. It's been by and large huge. Let betty's like all right. We'll say this. We have a lot of fun here on the homework but for the low price of how much do we sell. The years for. Think said had one hundred k. For every step any trace. Spin it onto frankie muniz knows paintings and i thought that was the picture of his nose. It's frankie. They put watercolors on the tip of his nose and he just board. Well okay now that you put it like that. I understand where the money went. He can change your life. That's what we're trying to say So april we doing twenty-third 2017. This sokoto still not doing while guys He's taken a turn for the worse Fully there was a doctor around. Faith is like. I'm just a nurse i can do about this carson left hand. Rumor had he was a doctor and then kills whites so this squad defined it turns out. He wasn't far in that search. Didn't let log at all. We thought it was going to be a bigger part of the story. Go find cars whereas this guy he could be anywhere. Montage right out there in the woods. Yeah yeah wow howard van so they finally they bring him back. Cars breath mercantile. Hamilton turns out those place. Here's just outside of town. Go around to deal so any who they bring carson bag. And he's like well. This is clearly insights burst. We got to remove this sucker. Another doctor walks in. And it's like. I'm a doctor who hasn't killed his wife so use it. Trust me. he'll be fine in the morning then a little bit of i don't know sorta was i who do we trust cars built a camaraderie. And like we like this. We record these an order. But you'd like finish a fifth of liquor in-between the last winter. Camaraderie or this guy or this guy or this or this guy so carson goes to talk to the other doctor by talk to him and punch them. The old kisser carson goes to see cody and he's like guys. I don't want to beat a dead horse here. Kids not yet but we gotta get this. This is the are. Just gonna suckers no rupture we get this thing out. We gotta do surgery now. And i will say. Of course i'm for you man but boyer sorta look suspicious because you're really pushing the surgery. So they do they go to abigail and abigail go do what you gotta do. Take that out. So they go for gin. They get it out just before in erupts but not before a ton blunt. He's unconscious is another wife situation. We'll find out the other doctor

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