A highlight from UN announces world's first malaria vaccine as an 'historic moment'.


Coming up on five minute news u. n. announces worlds first malaria vaccine as an historic moment. Republicans put forward short-term debt fix amid filibuster threat and while us kovic surge is waning. more mandates are expected. It's thursday october seven. I'm anthony davis world. Help organization on wednesday endorsed. The world's first malaria vaccine and said it should be given to children across africa in the hope that it will spur stalled efforts to curb the spread of the parasitic disease w. h. o. Director general ted rosca brasses called it an historic moment after a meeting in which two of the un health agencies expert advisory groups recommended the step. Who said its decision was based largely on results from ongoing research in ghana. Kenya and malawi. The tracked more than eight hundred thousand children who've received the vaccine since two thousand nineteen the vaccine known as moss queer ix was developed by glaxosmithkline in one thousand nine hundred eighty seven. While it's the first to be authorized. It does face challenges. The vaccine is only about thirty percents. Effective it requires up to four doses and its protection fades after several months. Still scientists say. The vaccine could have a major impact against malaria in africa. Home to most of the world's more than two hundred million cases and four hundred thousand deaths per year this is a huge step forward said julian raina director of the cambridge institute for medical research. Who was not part of the. Who decision it's an imperfect vaccine but it will stop hundreds of thousands of children from dying. The who guidance would hopefully be a first step to making better malaria. Vaccines efforts to produce a second-generation malaria vaccine might be given a boost by the messenger. Rna technology used to make two of the most successful covert nineteen. Vaccines those from pfizer. Biotech and madonna republican and democratic leaders edged back on wednesday from a perilous standoff over lifting the nation's borrowing cap with democratic senators signaling. They were receptive to an offer from senate. Gop leader mitch. Mcconnell that would allow an emergency extension into december the emerging agreement sets the stage for a sequel of sorts in december when congress will again face pressing deadlines to fund the government and raise the debt limit before heading home for the holidays. A threat by democrats to do away with the us. Senate filibuster rule college wednesdays behind the scene efforts to avert the looming federal debt default which economic analysis say could upend the global financial system. President joe biden a former senator who has long defended the filibuster rule that requires sixty of the chamber's one hundred members to agree on most legislation said late on tuesday. That democrats would consider making an exception to the filibuster to hike the government's twenty eight point four trillion dollar debt ceiling and defend the economy hours before announcing his offer. Mcconnell made a direct reference to the filibuster by warning on the senate floor that democrats could be intentionally playing russian roulette with the economy to try to bully their own members into going back on their word. And wrecking the senate democrats hold just fifty senate seats with the majority coming in vice president. Kamala harris his ability to break ties but that is allowed. Republicans to use the filibuster to block many of their priorities including bills on immigration reform and voting luntz covet nineteen deaths in the. Us are coming down again. Hospitalizations are dropping and new cases. Each day are about to dip below one hundred thousand for the first time in two months all signs that the summer surge is waning not wanting to lose momentum. Government leaders and employers are looking to strengthen vaccine requirements los angeles enacted one of the nation's strictest vaccine mandates on wednesday a sweeping measure. That would require the shots for everyone entering a bar. Restaurants nail salon. Jim or lakers. Game new york city and san francisco have similar rules. The number of americans now in the hospital with covert nineteen has declined by about one quarter since its most recent peak of almost ninety four thousand a month ago the decreases of an especially sharp in several deep south states where cases have gone down more than twice as fast as they have nationwide louisiana mississippi alabama and arkansas. Also their case numbers cut in half over the past two weeks. What's behind the decline isn't entirely clear. Though health experts point out that the numbers are falling as more people are getting vaccinated and new requirements for the shot of being put in place by government and private employers. The decrease in case numbers could also be due to the virus running out of susceptible people in some places.

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