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It's time for another installment of sea hunt. It still alive here on scuba shack radio. And this time. We're going back to season three episode thirty eight titled diplomatic pouch diplomatic pouch premiered on september twenty fourth nineteen sixty. Well in this episode. Mike is back in a latin american country named san miguel. His mission is to retrieve a diplomatic pouch from crashed american airplane. The show opens up with mike searching the wreck while his buddies on the surface appearing to be fishing as luck would have it. Mike find the pouch and starts to head to the surface. There's a great shot of the voight swim fins as he ascends but just as mike breaks the surface he's confronted with an armed boat of officials who are pointing their guns at him and asking him if he would be so good to come on board what to do. Quick thinking mike takes a fix on his position and drops the pouch. Who are these armed men. The guy in charge is colonel ramirez and he is the head of the coastal defense. He's cold and tough and goes over. Mike's gear with a fine toothcomb. Just then mike's friend. Paul alexander pulls up with their boat. He tells mikey sorry. That he drifted. The boat drifted off process that they are on vacation. And he's from dallas texas. Colonel ramirez tells them that they are not to dive on the downed airplane at an at the penalty by order of the dictator row. All as is that they will be immediately deported. They are welcome to fish. Just stay away from the airplane. So now paul and mike are on the bridget or boat and paul is upset about the diving when might tells him he found the pouch but he had to drop it. He says he took a position. And we'll be able to find it. But how will that be possible with the colonel watching pause. Got a plan. But mike wants to know i. Where did he get that phony. Southern accent well. Paul's plan involves dragging mike to a local cantina. The club kellyanne. Tae sign is flashing on and off as they enter once inside. They sit down in the bartender heads over the jukebox. A stereo phonic rockall roller and plays a record loudly before waiting on and paul. Something's the bartender nods and mike and pau get up and head for the back room. The ace of pulse leave is one of colonel ramirez. Deputy familiaux who calls the kernel. A pig who goes beyond the law familiar will fight with his fingertips to overthrow the hated dictator. The plane is to get. The plan is to get information from familiaux on whether the colonel is going to put a diver on the wrecked plane. Now the the scene shifts to mike and paul on the water and they're trying to get to the wreck but they're constantly being pursued by the coastal defense. Just then shots are fired from the defense boat. And they're colonel comes alongside and tells them that the penalty for diving on. The wreck is no longer deportation. It's death before they leave familiar hotels. Mike and paul that they are going to have another diver coming from the capital. Soon we now had back to the cantina. We're familiar comes in the bartender. Nods towards the back room in the room familiar hotels mike composite. The situation is desperate. what can they do. Mike knows he will be an underwater hitchhiker. But only familiar can drop a line over the side of the colonels boat you see. Mike can swim to the rack but he needs a ride back. Familiaux says it will be done. So now we have paul mike on their boat watching a coastal defence boat with its diver onboard and her headed out to the wreck plane. Mike tells paul if anything happens he needs to get out of there because he's too valuable. Paul reluctantly agrees as mike. Put the powder into his wetsuit top. Once the divers from the colonel Once the diver from the kernels boot jumps in. Mike is in the water swimming towards where he dropped the pouch. He sees the line. Familial has tossed over the side but now he needs to pop to the surface to get his bearings so he can find the diplomatic pouch just before the men on the boat turn towards mike. He slips beneath the surface a close call. Mike is now underwater searching and searching trying to find the pouch before the enemy divers season. Finally he spots the pouch intact and now he needs to get it out now. Here's where it gets a little strange. Mike is kneeling on the bottom looking at the patch. Trying to figure out and then like maybe how to open it or something. He's got a puzzled look on his face. His back is towards the plane wreck. As he's puzzling over the pouch the enemy divers spots him pulls out his knife and be lines towards mike as he tries to stab. Mike looks like the pouch gets in the way we are now witnessed to a classic underwater knife flight where mike wrestles do knife out of the bad guys hand takes out his own life and you guessed it cuts who's hose. The enemy divers forced to the surface and mike heads under the colonel's boat too high policies the diver surface in figures. There's a problem so he starts to head out. Mike is trying to figure out what to do with the diplomatic pouch when he decides to stick between his back and his doubles now. The colonel suspects that mike is with paul so he starts out in hot pursuit. Mike grabs the line and his underwater hitchhiking begins. The ride is challenging. You can see the strain on his double hose thins. Just as he's about to let go the boat slows down and pulls alongside. Paul familiar searches the boat and said no one is aboard. Paul says he just wants to go home as this is no place for a vacation. That colonel tells them to get out of his country. Once colonel leaves. Paul is despondent at the thought of losing mike just any. Here's mike call out. I think i heard him call pau. Alex i'm not sure. But as paul looks over the side mike tosses up the diplomatic pouch telling him. He forgot his laundry. Mike has yet again the day now. There wasn't any indication in credits as to where this episode was film. The plane wreck looked pretty authentic with the large propeller and debris. I wonder if this was. In the bahamas. So there you have it. Diplomatic pouch from season three of sea hunt.

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